Our Mission

At Sanctuary InSight, we believe that all cats — friendly, fractious, and feral alike — have the divine right to lead happy and healthy, substantive and meaningful lives. We strive to provide this throughout the Chicagoland community through our ongoing commitment to their overall well-being.

Our goals include:

• Financial support of local initiatives to end homelessness and overpopulation of Community Cats through harm reduction and TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) projects, including spay/neuter vouchers, safe and caring recovery sites, dissemination of up-to-date information and resources, and reliable free or low-cost food and veterinary care• Providing a reliable network of shelter intake deflection, where those who need assistance in caring for their house pets or Community Cats can turn for intervention or surrender

• Maintaining a vibrant network of foster families and adoption counselors to unite kittens and cats with loving and well-qualified Forever Families

We hope to be an exemplary model of modern cat rescue, rehabilitation, resource, and rehoming and strive to be an integral addition to the existing community of dedicated sheltering professionals.

Aidan and Ellie
Aidan and Ellie

More Information?

For additional information or documentation, for press and/or media relations, etc., please contact bobjones@sanctuaryinsight.com at any time or call 773-704-1377.